Children’s Book Illustration

Children’s Book Illustration

My favourite thing about being an illustrator is imagining the impossible, the unseen and unknown, then taking it right back to pen and paper and creating it, this is why children’s book illustration is my passion.

You can read more about my techniques and approach to illustrating children’s books in my interview with editor and literary consultant Claire Wingfield. Read more…

Granny’s Big Secret

by Katie Pavey

Granny’s Big Secret is the first book in a series entitled Magical Island Adventures written by the wonderfully talented Katie Pavey.

I started working on this tale in the 2020 Lockdown after the text had been edited, so we (author, editor and illustrator) all knew what illustrations were wanted and where in the story they would be placed. I spent many days of summer in our local woodlands and meadow making studies of the plants that would build up the backgrounds. The drawings all came together around mid-Autumn, all 127 parts layered and adjusted to represent how I imagined the story following the author Katie’s guidance.

To complete the book, it was an absolute joy to work closely with editor and literary consultant Claire Wingfield and Katie brining everything together. From creating the final cover image and Katie’s publishing logo to developing further images for social media and marketing plus tweaking illustrations to suit the publication guidelines, it has been a magical journey.

This book has now ready for your bookshelf and you can purchase a copy via Amazon.

You can discover more about the story on Instagram and Facebook.

A Collection Of Tea Time Talk Topics

Collated by JB Moments Photography and The Ricketty Desk

“Would you rather fight one horse sized duck or a 100 duck sized horses?”

During the 2020 lockdown I teamed up with the fabulous Jenny of JB Moments Photography to create and share weekly ‘Tea Time Talk Topics’ just like this to amuse children (and adults). Utilising our Sketchography method, we re-purposed photographs from some of Jenny’s favourite photoshoots and I added a little extra illustrated magic.

Now you can own the entire collection and continue the debate whenever you like with our limited edition, self published, Would You Rather book!!

Use it to spark debate with your family and friends or just to enjoy the images. There is a warning though…the great Scottish biscuit debate hidden inside nearly broke the internet!

Grab your copy from my Etsy Store.

Buster’s Dog Training and Other Stories

by Jenny Balsdon

This is Jenny Balsdon, and she is the author of the first book I have ever worked on, Buster’s Dog Training and Other Stories.

It was an absolute joy to work with editor and literary consultant Claire Wingfield again on this project. Using images Jenny’s dear friend had painted for the story and adding my own illustrations into the designs required.

You can purchase the book via Amazon.

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