Hello! I’m Jess.

Photo Credit: Jenny Beckett at JB Moments Photography

A Fife based freelance illustrator and origami tutor, self proclaimed paper addict and cake enthusiast. The creative sitting at The Ricketty Desk.

I create a collection of colourful goods, including but not limited to: corporate & children’s book illustrations, printables, portraits, photography composites and greeting cards.

Why do I do what I do? I want people to remember the wonder of storybooks when they see my designs. The colours I use and the style I create in is intended to celebrate the magic of make believe, whether you’re grown up or not.

My designs are traditionally created by hand with ink and paper. These are then photographed and layered into composites using software on my computer. Each sketch is usually created from a minimum of 6 individual drawings. I take inspiration from vintage children’s tales, pattern and classic typography and as a reflection of this my style is playful and fun. I’m a great fan of sketchy line and I like to keep that not so perfect look, (just like real life!) in my work.

My work can be found in magazines, advertising, websites, products and children’s books. In 2020 I became a Thortful creative, my ‘Sending Love’ postcard design was selected as part of the Bookblock 2020 campaign #PositivePost raising funds for the NHS Charities Together and I fully illustrated two brand new children’s books; Grannie’s Big Secret by Katie Pavey and Tea Time Talk Topics – self published in collaboration with JB Moments Photography.

If you’d like to collaborate on a project or commission an illustration, drop me an email: the_ricketty_desk@hotmail.co.uk

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