Why I Choose to Use a Professional Brand Photographer.

Scottish Wildflower Bouquet – White

Why I Choose to Use a Professional Brand Photographer.

If you follow me on social media then you may have noticed some swanky lifestyle photographs of my brand new print range dotting about. These shiny new photos are courtesy of the incredibly talented Jenny at JB Moments Photography. That’s right, the very same wonder women I team up with to bring you the imaginative world of Sketchography.

Storybook Collection – Magical Woodland

I’ve known Jenny for just over 3 years now and, as I’ve built up my business, she’s been my go-to for professional headshots and brand imagery. Jenny doesn’t just take the photo, she gets to know you and your business. She’s pretty nosy tbh, but that’s the beauty of it! The more Jenny knows the more she can tailor your photography to suit your brand and image. For example, she knows that I love all things vintage, bright colours and patterns but she also knows my clients love clean on trend images that are relatable.

Custom Illustrated Name

I choose to use professional brand photography to showcase my products as it helps to create consistency in my brand identity. I know I could take my own pictures but I also know that the lighting wouldn’t match, the colours would be all over the shop and let’s not get started on the composition! It would also take hours of research, set-up and editing and I would never be 100% happy with the end result. I’d end up with a ‘that’ll do’.

When you invest in product images you’re not just paying for the photos or the photographers time, you’re paying for their knowledge, experience and training (and Jenny did a whole heap of up-skilling through courses in lockdown!).

Custom Digital Silhouette Portrait

Yes, you are trusting someone to convey your business but the success of your images comes down to how well you communicate that, it’s simply a practice run before the customers.

They say that raising a child takes a village, well building a business takes a team and I’m so delighted to have found Jenny to be part of mine. 💛

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