Naked products!

Sustainability is a hot topic in business and The Ricketty Desk is no exception. I strive to operate a sustainable small business and I’m constantly updating my packaging and products to reflect this. It’s very important to me that what I create is beautiful, lasting and high quality but does not come at the expense of the planet.

Over the past year I have researched, read and sampled many different solutions to the single use plastics I was using and my products and packaging are all now 100% recyclable. The cards got naked (no more plastic wraps!) and designs are printed on recycled stock. Designs changed too, my illustrations and cards no longer feature embellishments such as ribbons or gems, instead they feature handmade paper and origami toppers. In addition, all paper creations are either hand drawn or printed making these products 100% recyclable. Sellotape and parcel tape got ditched for lovely paper and washi tapes, orders are posted out in 100% recyclable paper envelopes (or products re-used from deliveries) and items needing wrapped are protected with repurposed padding from deliveries too .

I’m working throughout my office and home life to gradually reduce and replace as much single use plastic as possible. It’s a dream to stop using single-use plastic altogether but little steps are better than none. If anyone has tips on sustainable alternatives to glue sticks, double sided tape, stickers (whilst paper stickers are recyclable the paper they’re attached to is notoriously difficult to recycle) and drawing pens, I’d love to hear from you!

I’m absolutely delighted to share that a year after taking the Naked Card Pledge (a social campaign to encourage online card sellers to reduce their plastic waste) I have now become a local Plastic Free Champion and member of Plastic Free Dunfermline!

Yes, I am this excited about it!

If you, or a business you know, are thinking about becoming more sustainable and would like to start eliminating single use plastic please get in touch with the wonderful folk at Plastic Free Dunfermline. They have loads of great ideas and helpful tips to get you on your way.

My wonderful ‘pencil’ skirt was designed by me and created by the incredibly talented Textiles By Lee. Lee refashions charity shop finds (or pre-loved items from your wardrobe) and gives them a new lease of life with raw edge appliqué. Each one is sustainable, beautiful and unique. Have a browse in her Etsy store and get in touch if you have an item needing a lift in your wardrobe.

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