Say Hello to The Dream Team!

Jess and Marian’s annual cake fest is back for its 10th year! As you most likely know, we whip up a storm every September for the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support but what do you know about us? As the kitchens get scrubbed down and prepped for another big bake, we thought it was high time we introduced ourselves in true bake-off fashion!


Born in St Andrews and brought up in Kennoway with her older brother, Marian was exactly as she is now as a child; fun-loving, cheeky, a Daddy’s girl and a bit of a tomboy! She used to help out in her Dad’s garage before following a career in nursing and then later becoming a creche leader when the family moved to Helensburgh. Marian left her employment in 2007 to care for her mum Mary with support from Macmillan nurses. 

Marian isn’t a fan of tea and would choose coffee (with milk) every time. She prefers savoury to sweet and loves an opportunity to go out for a nice meal with family rather than a takeaway. Her favourite flavours are mixed spices, especially in a carrot cake (but believes it’s the icing that really makes a good carrot cake!) and she loves the taste of a chocolate Guinness cake too. That said, Marian would always choose biscuits over cake, ginger nuts to be precise and they must be McVities! She also thinks iced is better than plain, favouring traditional butter icing made right, especially on angel cakes. 

Away from the kitchen, Marian’s passion is making memories with her family, especially her 4 grandchildren. When she’s not with them she likes to spend her time keeping fit with a weekly timetable full of Zumba and exercise classes!


Jess was born in Aylesbury and moved to the remote Highlands just before her 5th birthday. One of three children, she describes her childhood as idyllic filled with outdoor adventures and imaginative play; she used to mix itching powers on top of a tree stump and make homes for beetles in an abandoned bathtub! From bakeries and sandwich shops to interior design and photography, Jess has had a varied career until she launched her own business in 2011 as a freelance illustrator. She is now the proud illustrator of several children’s books, and her clients include the likes of Russell and Bromley, Firewalk Scotland, and The Dunfermline Heritage Partnership Fund.

Jess loves a hot cuppa and will drink almost anything from a mug, she’s probably fussier about the mug than the contents! Having a decidedly sweet tooth, Jess loves to go out for afternoon tea and enjoys nothing more than a visit to an independent café with friends or family. A vintage enthusiast, she likes trying out old recipes and relishes classic flavours done well. Asking Jess to pick between cake and biscuits is like asking her to pick a favourite child, however, she’s partial to homemade custard creams, has a soft spot for French fancies and says you can’t beat a Stephen’s Bakery empire biscuit! Iced is evidently better than plain and Jess aspires to be able to make biscuits look as pretty as the Biscuiteers

When she’s not endlessly making scones and cookies to feed her ravenous offspring, Jess is busy penning her first children’s book. She also enjoys running, yoga, long dog walks, and is an active committee member of Plastic Free Dunfermline.

Our 10th Macmillan Coffee Morning is being held at 188 Townhill Road, Dunfermline on Friday 30th September 2022 from 10am – 1pm, we’d love to see you there! If you can’t make it along but still fancy some cake, just let us know! We can fill up a cake box of delicious treats ready for you to collect in return for a donation.

Donations can be made online via this link DONATE or in person on the day.

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